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This is a quote by Brian Winch of Australia about the sound of our TurboHeader.

"From all points the noise was very acceptable – no bark or metallic rattle – and from the rear the noise was still quite low (comparatively) but of such a great sound – a real solid engine sound like a BMW motorcycle (horizontal twin engine) on full song going up a hill under full load." Thanks Brian!

Our TurboHeader Muffler can be used on gas or nitro engines.

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Medium Single Cylinder

What our customers say!

"Can you believe that I got the muffler for my 125 today? didn't think a Gov't entity could move that fast. Nevertheless....I received it, and yes, its Saito Jewelry. Just beautiful. Thanks Jim!"


Welcome to RC Specialties

RC Specialties, LLC is dedicated to providing the best quality in-cowl muffler to satisfy the special exhaust needs for today’s four stroke engines . Our TurboHeader is the best compact, durable, light weight muffler on the market. Our mufflers are less than half the weight of stock mufflers and have a wall thickness of about .100 inch. The fuel tank pressure tap provides a positive pressure flow to the engine resulting in stable engine tuning and performance. The TurboHeader provides an increase of 200-300 rpm in peak performance. It has a deep rich tone which provides a more realistic sound to your model. When coupled with our 90 degree adapter, it provides a full range of adjustment to provide total flexibility in mounting. All of our products are custom machined to exact tolerances from high quality aluminum billet. We use only the original engine manufacturer's jam nuts and Dubro pressure fittings on our products. We can also assist in those special custom installations. Contact us to discuss how we can help. Take a moment to see the videos and pictures in our gallery.

“Nothing Sounds like a TurboHeader Muffler™”

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TurboHeader Mufflers™

TurboHeader Mufflers

Right Angle Adapters

Turbo Header adapters

Hear the sound of our TurboHeader


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